Monday, March 27, 2017

National Craft Month GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends!
As promised, it's giveaway time! National Craft Month is coming to a close and I found it only fitting for my giveaway to support fellow makers, so I'm offering a FIFTY DOLLAR Etsy gift card! 

Comment on this post telling me what you would do if you won for 2 entries! Be sure to pop on over to my Instagram for more ways to enter!

Contest ends Friday the 31st at midnight. Winner will be announced Saturday April 1st!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Top 10 Beauty Must Haves

Now, I'm no beauty blogger, nor do I claim to be, but I have spent the better part of my life on the hunt for the perfect beauty products. Now that I'm of a certain age (which will not be disclosed, haha) I have found some products that I am never without. So I've narrowed down my top 10 that I can't live without and wanted to share them with you!
Cetaphil- I am a fair complected, sensitive skinned person. Finding the best skin care routine for me has always been a struggle. I've done all the fancy stuff that has like 8 different products. Eventually I decided that less is best and switched over to Cetaphil and never looked back.

Rimmel ScandalEyes- I believe with beauty products there is places to splurge and places to save. Mascara has always fallen under my "save" category. I've bought the fancy mascaras (back when I worked at Ulta and got a discount haha) and I've bought the drugstore brands and I really haven't seen much of a difference. I recently tried out this Rimmel mascara (probably because it was on sale) and really liked it. I've repurchased it several times since then, which any girl knows, is how you KNOW you like a beauty product.

Biore Strips- Yes, the same strips you used when you were in high school. I try to always have some on hand. My bestie and I usually text each other and do them together. Haha, wow saying that out loud makes us sound so weird. There really isn't much as satisfying as ripping one of those babies off.

Embryolisse- Ok, moisturizer has always been a struggle for me. I have combination skin so it can be SUPER dry or SUPER oily. I first got this moisturizer in a Birchbox and surprisingly LOVED it. It's all I've used since then.

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen- I used to WORSHIP the sun. Spending as much time as I could trying to get the perfect tan. I'm not proud to admit, most of the time I didn't even wear sunscreen (I know, I know). Now, I try to avoid the sun at all cost (this is 30, right?). When I am in the sun though, I love the convenience of a spray sunscreen. This one has been my go-to for the last few years.

Moroccan Oil- Now this is a little pricey but my husband has his cosmetology licence which helps. This stuff is great to add to your hair regimen to always have that fresh from the salon feel.

Nars Blush- If you know me, you know that my two beauty must haves are mascara and blush. This blush has been a staple in my beauty bag for I'd say at least 10 years. It looks great on everyone, seriously, go get you some.

Crest Whitestrips- Hands down my most asked "beauty" question is "How do you get your teeth so white?" I don't think my teeth are particularly white but, my secret is these bad boys. I have been using them since high school (I seriously still remember how sensitive my teeth were at prom because I was using like two a day). Generally I don't use them how the package says to, I use them mostly for maintenance now. Like I'll use a couple before a big event. I definitely recommend splurging and getting the "advanced seal", because those bad boys don't move and don't leave anything behind. These things are seriously life changing. If I had to change this list to 1 item, these would be it.

The Body Shop Make-Up Remover- As I said before, I have sensitive skin. Finding a make up remover that didn't irritate my skin was like attempting to find the holy grail and guys... I DID IT! Well, actually, my mom did. This make up remover is EVERYTHING, not only does it do the job, it has chamomile and is even soothing. I LOVE it, in fact, I love it so much, I even went and bought their travel version to take with me when I'm on vacation. (Finding out they even HAD a travel version was like the grown up equivalent to getting a bike on Christmas day.)

Mac Lipstick- And lastly, the most "Shea" item on the list. It's no secret that I like me a nude lip. My lips are so thin, I hate to draw attention to them. My go-to used to be myth from Mac but Mac's creme d'nude now has my heart. Seriously, I buy it in multiples. I usually have at least two on me at any given time.

And that rounds out my ten beauty must haves. What are your top ten? Do you have any beauty items that you can't live without?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With a name like Shea O'Quinn I'd be remiss to not wish you all a...
Shake your shamrocks! Drink a green beer! Do whatever it is you do to celebrate. Personally, I think I'm going to be enjoying a green beverage from the comfort of my own home.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Craft Cave Makeover // The Inspiration

So, lately I have been SUPER motivated to revamp my craft room (aka the craft cave). If you don't already know, the cave is my garage turned craft room that I've turned into my own little crafting sweatshop of sorts haha. It has its positives and negatives. I love it being in the garage because if I'm working on a project and have created a mess, I can leave it and no one has to see it. I definitely couldn't do that in the house (not if I wanted to keep my sanity anyways). The negative though, is that, at the end of the day, it IS still a garage, which means there is no heat or A/C. So during those sweltering So Cal summer months it's like a sauna and during the winter I have to bundle up like an Eskimo to work out there. (Yes, I live in California, but I get cold ok!)

As with most of my project, I have started with an inspiration. 
This workshop space from Design Love Fest is so dreamy! So bright! So airy! So crispy and clean! The cave will likely never look like this (it's called the "cave" for a reason) but, a girl can dream can't she? As always, I put together a color palette. 
One of the walls, and my peg board are already painted using Mischievous by Behr so that was obviously going to be part of the palette. I also recently ordered a new mini fridge for the cave from Urban Outfitters that comes in the most adorable peach color, so that had to be incorporated as well. I incorporated gold (duh) as well as a bold black and white stripe because, well I love it. (If the palette looks familiar, it's probably because it is basically my wedding. Apparently I know what I like!)

I also went ahead and made myself a little mood board full of a healthy mix of items I already have and items I want to incorporate. 
Source List: Ikea Table // Coral Chair // Rug // Spun Fiberglass Chairs (a vintage find) // Mini Fridge // 2-Tier Basket // 3-Tier Basket // Wire Basket // Pom Pom Pillow // Hanging Chair // Bar Cart // Mint Filing Cabinet // Typewriter // Craft Cart // Record Player // Chair Cushion 

I have already slowly started operation Craft Cave Makeover by going through and cleaning out all of my craft supplies. You'd be surprised how much one crafter can accumulate over a lifetime of crafting! I hope to have the cave in tip top shape soon because I have been dreaming of having fun crafting workshops with all of my girlfriends! 

Stay tuned for more on Operation Craft Cave Makeover!
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Community Embroidery Night

I recently joined an online community called Orange County Makers. I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad that I did. It has been such a wonderful community of supportive and just all around lovely people. Last week the group had a community embroidery night meet up to get everyone to interact face to face. 

It was such a wonderful event and I'm SO glad I went!  The event was thought up by the creative Miss Lisa Cherry of The Makery and was hosted by Wayfare Fullerton, this super rad community space for creatives that typically wouldn't have an office to go to every day. We all got a chance to embroider some adorable cacti, while being surrounded by fellow creatives. It was such a GREAT event and I can't wait for the next one!

 (All photos courtesy of Nikki Vandeventer)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

National Craft Month

It is officially March which means, it's National Craft Month!
If you have a crafter in your life that you love, or are a crafter yourself, I've wrangled some awesome craft supplies that any crafter would love to get to celebrate National Craft Month!
(Because I love them both and can't decide which I love best)
If you're like me and got one of the new Cricut Explore Air 2's, you HAVE to get the tools that match your machine!

I've been wanting this for awhile. Imagine being able to perfectly place things in a straight line!
This is one of my every day staples (in fact, I bought two on amazon just the other day), it makes gluing all those little pieces so much easier. 
Because ALL THE THINGS should be gold. 
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission for items purchased through my blog, at no cost to you. All items advertised are items that I actually use and all opinions are 100% my own.
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