Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Survived!

The craziness that is Christmas is now behind us. I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders today. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it seems that the older you get the more stressful it also gets. To add to the stress Sam and I also had a wedding to go to on Saturday for my beautiful friend Tina. The wedding was gorgeous but, being just three days before Christmas, I couldn't help but think there were a million things I still needed to be getting done. We had a great time though and I love any excuse to get dressed up.
Danica let me borrow this gorgeous dress for the wedding and I got SO many compliments on it. Thanks again D!
We clean up nicely ;)
After the wedding we ran over to Danica's house for the tail-end of her Ugly Sweater Holiday party and, of course, I forgot to snap any photos. It was fun though.
Sunday was  mostly spent finishing up all of our Christmas gifts and wrapping and tying up any loose ends.
Monday I went into work and had a taco guy coming to surprise all the guys with a nice catered lunch after all, they WERE working on Christmas Eve. Then it was time to hit the road! Sam and I got in the car and made the drive out to Hemet where his grandparents live. I couldn't help but snap a photo of the coffee mug I used. I thought that he was cute now, but i daresay he might have been even cuter as a little one. :)
I made a couple of yarn wreaths for his family this year. One was in the University of Alabama colors for his Crimson Tide loving grandparents.
And one was in cardinal and gold for his aunt and uncle who are big USC fans (and their daughter goes there).
And, of course, I had made another batch of toffee.
We had a great time visiting with his dads side of the family.
And then Tuesday, was Christmas! Sam showed up to my house and we were pretty much matching, like family photos at JC Penny kind of matching. We were both wearing black collared shirts. This is the best photo I have of it but you cant really tell. I couldn't stop laughing though.
 We started the morning off with breakfast at his moms which was nice. Then it was time for the wildness of my uncles. They have two small kids and its fun to see them bouncing from gift to gift, so overwhelmed to focus on just one thing for too long.

My cousin Cade got this Darth Maul mask that was probably the freakiest thing I had ever seen and to top it off, it had a button on one of the horns (that you can see him pushing) that made it talk. It was beyond creepy.
 They also have two small Chihuahua's which, I generally don't like, but theirs are so friendly and sweet, even Sam liked them. The little one Trixie kept cuddling up with him. Sam thought it was hilarious how she would wrap her little legs around his arm when he would pick her up. Haha. So cute.
And finally, to end the day, we headed to Huntington Harbour, to my parents house. It was a great time and to top it all of there was a beautiful sunset.
All in all it was quite a successful Christmas but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little happy that it is finally all over. We do, however, have one more day of celebration this Saturday down in Oceanside with my grandparents. Christmas down there is always a lot more mellow and relaxed and I'm actually really looking forward to it. Hopefully Sam is able to sneak out of work at a reasonable time and come along.
And hopefully I think to take some photos, I've gotten so bad at that lately. I just snap a bunch of random ones on my phone. I don't think that I have one actually full length photo of Sam and I, EVER! Haha. Fingers crossed I remember to get one this weekend.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of family, joy and laughter.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Birchbox!

So my December Birchbox came on Saturday (which I feel like was later than usual) and it ended up being perfect timing!

Danica, Stefana and I decided to do our friends gift exchange on Saturday. As part of each of their Christmas gifts I got them both a three month Birchbox subscription. Theirs both came really early (earlier than mine) and I was hoping that we could all open them together. So, when mine arrived Saturday just, before the exchange, I was excited! We all opened our together. Their boxes varied from mine slightly, as I mention in the video.

So here is my December video (please excuse my disheveled appearance and my horribly manicured nails, it's Christmastime! I think we're all a little busy. Haha)

Also, I don't know why there is that odd fuzzy sound in the video and please ignore any other background sounds. You can hear my dogs collars jingling a little and you can hear the neighbors ANNOYING dogs that bark LITERALLY INCESSANTLY. It takes everything in me not to go over there but it's the neighbor on the other side of the block so its too much work. Haha.
(for information of products in the box, check out the details on my youtube page)
 *Side Note: immediately after filming I painted my nails, just so you all know. Haha.*

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ho ho holy-time-crunch!

Somewhere between carving pumpkins and eating Thanksgiving turkey, it happens.
Houses begin to twinkle at night and car roofs become adorned with trees on their way to their new home. While, it is the most exciting time of the year that still brings out that kid in all of us, it's also the busiest. Trying to get all the gifts you need with the money that most of the time you don't have. The time flys by faster than any other time of year and why wouldn't it? The days are literally shorter! My little blog has gotten neglected as it's usually the first thing to get pushed aside when I'm at my busiest. But I assure you I'm still alive and well! I've decided to just share a handful of photos to show, rather than say what I've been up to.
(if you follow me on my Instagram I apologize... you've seen these all already) 
The bf and I renewed our Disneyland passes :)
Christmas is a wonderful time at Disneyland.
I made my first etsy sale!
Helped decorate the tree at my parents new beach house.
Helped throw the company Christmas party for the Boat Parade at my parents house.
My bff Danica joined in the festivities.
I have been spending most all of my free time sitting in front of my sewing machine cranking out stockings like a mad woman, but just last night I turned my productivity towards my favorite holiday treat, my Christmastime toffee! I have been making it for the last several years now and people have grown to anticipate it! It's something I love doing (and eating!) and can't wait to make some more!
Well... there's a little update on my busy life. I'm hoping to record my latest Birchbox review in the next couple days because I got it on Saturday so check back if you want to see it :)
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